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Why We Love What We Do

We love t-shirts! They are comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and generally allow us to express individuality or esprit de corps. So while sitting around one day, Nate had another one of his big ideas that had been sitting in the recesses of his brain for many years. He said, “Mi amor! Look at these funny and cool designs? We can do this and bring smiles to people. We can also use some of the money to help schools!” Seeing his enthusiasm and being the loving, supportive wife she always is, Karen asked a few questions (they were deep) and simply said, “Let’s do it!” Two days later Crooked Lines was born. :)


Crooked Lines is owned and operated by two educators who appreciate freedom of expression and value divergence. One of our goals is to bring smiles to the faces of our customers by encouraging free thought and creativity, as well as broaden minds with thought provoking designs. We also want to use this company to support education by providing affordable products and portions of our profit to schools for specific needs.


That’s it...nothing fancy. We’re just a tiny husband and wife business that wants to do its part to brighten your day and help kids. We appreciate you stopping by and look forward to serving your needs. If you can think it up, consider it done!

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