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Sublimation is a dye-print technique that allows for full detail images, with unlimited colors, on a lightweight fabric. The sublimation dye is printed onto a special transfer paper using specialty ink. The artwork is then transferred to the garment using heat and pressure. The dye is absorbed directly into the fabric becoming part of the garment. Since the ink is directly absorbed into the fabric, it doesn’t feel heavy or thick. Because the artwork is digitally printed there are no additional set-ups or charges for each color.


  1. Ability to create all-over, seam to seam designs on the front and back

  2. Unlimited color options at no extra cost

  3. Maximum detail for complicated designs

  4. Sublimation dye will not crack, peel or fade

  5. Can’t feel the print on the garment

  6. Suitable for small quantity runs


  1. Not suitable for all garments – must be a polyester or poly blend (100% polyester is recommended for best color results)

  2. Must print on white or light colored garment (white is recommended for best color results)

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