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Crooked Lines is committed to increasing awareness around the importance of supporting small businesses in our local communities. Whether the business is in a storefront or a garage, small businesses provide far more than the products you love. Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their spirit. And at the helm are their intrepid founders—scrappy, ambitious, and resilient. They invent and build things despite uncertainty, because it’s what drives them. Their risks lead to innovation that moves the world forward.

When you shop local, your dollars stay in the community and help local development. Small businesses are often major contributors to the heart of a community and with a deliberate focus on supporting local, businesses will help drive up the appeal of the shopping area and attract dollars into the community. Do your local!


(407) 730-3470

Hair & Beauty

(407) 723-0159

(321) 400-9706

(407) 614-0041

Health & Wellness

(407) 690-8997 Stephanie Boyd

(407) 409-9067 Kenyatta Washington

Party Supply & Rental

Sports & Fitness

Restaurant & Catering

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