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Screen printing is the most widely used method of t-shirt printing. In the simplest terms possible, an ink-blocking stencil (the design) is applied to a woven mesh. The stencil forms an open area through which ink or other substances can be transferred and pressed onto the shirt.


  • Perfect for larger designs consisting of one or two colors

  • Ideal for printing onto cotton and poly cotton clothing items

  • The ink is heat dried, therefore the garments can withstand the roughness of machine washing


  • Each color is applied separately, making the cost higher per additional color

  • Separate screens are required for each individual design. So, for each additional color, a new screen will need to be used.

  • Not the best option if your design consists of several colors.

  • Coated fabrics cannot be screen printed.

  • Longer turn around time if many colors are used

  • Time consuming to set up and clean.

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